Swamp.finance launches on Binance Smart Chain

What is Swamp.finance?

Swamp.finance is a yield optimizer, which enables yield aggregation for all SWAMP tokens users. Swamp.finance uses vaults to facilitate the automation of compounding and the process of yield farming. The goal is to make gas utilization more efficient alongside other automated processes while utilizing various strategies to help Swamp.finance users grow their assets through automation.

About Swampy


SWAMP rewards distributed to SWAMP Farms: ~ 3,458.35 SWAMP/day


SwampDAO governance on Swamp.finance will be launched 2 months after SWAMP tokens are initially minted. SWAMP held in the Main SWAMP Vault will be the governance token to the platform. SWAMP governance tokens can be used to make community proposals, vote on proposals, and participate in the governance of Swamp.finance protocol.

Why is swampy your best friend?

Swampy enables maximal returns on initial deposits through yield aggregation and compounding. Users don’t need to harvest their yield returns manually, allowing the process of automation to take over. Swampy enables higher yield returns on users’ deposits through automation and Swamp.finance protocols that are created to facilitate a more efficient gas utilization and create a DeFi environment with a strong community that works in the best interest of SWAMP users. Swampy offers more rewarding yield returns, maximizing the value of users’ assets with minimal involvement on the users’ end.

How to get started

Learn more about Swamp.finance and Swampy tokens, and get started with these tutorials to find out how you can start using Swampy for maximal returns through automated processes, compounding, and yield aggregation.


  • March: New vaults every week, Additional wallet support
  • April: SwampDAO (Governance) & Voting, Better Yield statistics
  • June-August: Swap, Improved UX, Harvest all function
  • September: Automatic LP token creation, Lottery
  • October: Fiat gateway, Automatic investment product